Eighth Session of CHEN XIANG WU DAO Study Tour in South America Successfully Started

BEIJING, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / March 26, 2019 / Beijing, China Students, who participated in the eighth session of CHEN XIANG WU DAO study tour of China, arrived in Chicago, USA on 24 March. After spending two days in Chicago, the students will travel to the South American countries such as Brazil, Peru, Chile and Argentina. The whole journey will be ended on 8th, April. With the students arrived the USA, the eighth session of CHEN XIANG WU DAO study tour successfully started.

The study tour is jointly sponsored by HuaxiaFu Hsi Academy and HuaxiaFu Hsi International Culture Institute, and up to now, a total of eight sessions have been held. The seventh session was held in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

According to Mr. Zheng Kuifei, the person in charge on behalf of the sponsor, the study tour aims to help students attain enlightenment by learning from the nature based on exploring the ancient civilization and the realistic ancient natural scenery. He added that they aim to select the regular students from HuaxiaFu Hsi Academy, and foster these regular students to be the mentors of future civilization within ten years.

Mr. Zheng Kuifei informed that the study tour has already helped students explore lots of places since its establishment in 2018, including Kunlun Mountains (China), Pyramids (Egypt), Mayan Pyramids (Mexico), Holy land of Jerusalem (Israel), Grand Canyon Colorado (USA), Niagara Falls (USA), Antelope Canyon (American Indian site), and Cuba Caribbean. The eighth study tour will bring an opportunity to the participating students to explore ancient civilization sites such as Museum of Brazilian Indian, Amazon Tropical Forest, Corcovado, Iguazu Falls Group, NAZCA Lines, etc.

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SOURCE: HuaxiaFu Hsi International Cultural Institute

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