Dr. Evan Luthra Awarded €100,000 Investment to Gojoy at MaltaBlockchain Event

ZUG, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / May 27, 2019 / Juan Vargas (Co-Founder) and Steven Lin (CEO) of Gojoy were present at the Malta Blockchain Summit (MBS) from 22nd May to 25th May. MBS is an event entirely dedicated to the blockchain industry. This being one of the most significant blockchain events globally was attended by top leaders in the sector and a number of blockchain enthusiasts.

At Malta, a lot of upcoming firms used the platform to pitch their ideas to investors across the globe. One of the youngest entrepreneurs in the world of technology, Dr. Evan Luthra, who was also present at the event, was to award €100,000 investment to the best pitch.

Evan Luthra is a young and experienced entrepreneur in the field of technology and blockchain. He is a global investor and has rightfully earned the title of ‘Top 30 under 30 Entrepreneurs’. Leading publications and organizations across the globe have labeled Evan to be a blockchain expert. He also actively speaks at various conferences where he guides young and upcoming entrepreneurs by sharing his expertise in blockchain and other technologies.

Evan is an angel investor making a huge difference. His extensive work in the blockchain space and his work ethic has earned him an honorary Ph.D. in blockchain technology. Evan started innovating from a very young age. By the time he was 15, he had already developed several mobile applications which are now used by millions of users across the globe.

With such tremendous experience and unmatched knowledge in the space, Evan was motivated to come up with his own company ‘EL Group International.’ Evan’s company has successfully developed and delivered digital solutions for significant fortune 500 companies.

Gojoy is the only shopping platform amongst several platforms that offers cash rewards on an hourly basis on all your purchases and your network – for life! The concept of Gojoy makes the platform fun and rewarding. Gojoy believes that their marketplace is filled with tech-savvy people who want to shop, save money, and get rewarded at the same time. The more you shop and the more people you refer, the more you can earn!

The Gojoy platform essentially gives you cash rewards for all products that you purchase or refer, for life! This offer never ends! The inventory for Gojoy comes directly from manufacturers because of which shoppers can get daily household essentials at half the price.

Gojoy hit the market a couple of months ago. Even then, the platform has managed to generate millions of dollars in revenue and has already rewarded close to 3 million dollars to its community and members. What’s interesting is that the platform has not spent a penny on advertising yet. Gojoy’s vision is to empower people to shop smarter and shop with joy.

Dr. Evan Luthra Awarded €100,000 Investment to Gojoy at the Malta Blockchain Event after the team members of Gojoy pitched their idea at the Monaca blockchain event. The core team of Gojoy comprises of Steven Lin (American) – CEO, James Zhang (Chinese) – Co-Founder, Juan Vargas (Colombian) – Co-Founder and Peter Wu (Canadian) – Co-Founder.

With so much on the table for Gojoy, the project seems to have much scope to flourish in today’s market. Dr. Evan believes that the idea and thought behind Gojoy has the caliber to make it big and make a difference globally. Gojoy is the perfect marketplace handcrafted to benefit buyers across the globe. The entire panel at the Malta Blockchain International was very impressed by Gojoy and saw tremendous potential in the project.

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