Bench Accounting Launches New Real-Time Financial Tool To Help Small Business Owners Track Their Cash And Spending

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Bench Accounting, North America’s largest bookkeeping service for small businesses, announced today the launch of a new real-time cash flow management tool called Pulse. Pulse allows small businesses to monitor every transaction as it happens, so they can feel confident about the state of their finances and identify spending trends in real-time. With the addition of Pulse, entrepreneurs can now view their financial position daily, allowing them to make smart financial decisions quickly.

“Bench started with bookkeeping but we’re here to help small businesses reach financial mastery. This is the first step into doing that,” said Ian Crosby, CEO of Bench. “From ideation, through design and execution, we’ve worked with Bench clients on what’s most valuable to them. We’ve learned that the best way for them to consume information about their business is through a real-time dashboard like Pulse.”

Pulse is the first real-time cash flow management tool that integrates with a bookkeeping service, supplementing verified monthly financial statements with immediate insights. Pulse lets clients manage their cash and spending by showing them real-time financial reports that combine data from all of their institutions in one dashboard. Starting today, Pulse is available to all Bench clients.

Key Benefits:

  • Stay on top of cash flow and spending – With real-time reporting, clients can monitor every transaction and identify spending trends as they happen.
  • One login, one dashboard – Pulse brings all accounts and transactions into one place to avoid jumping from app to app or guessing passwords.
  • Easy-to-read, actionable reports – No need for clients to wade through pages of complicated reports to get the data they need. Pulse combines all the data needed to manage small business finances and spending into one simple report.

About Bench
Bench is North America’s largest bookkeeping service. By pairing intuitive software with a team of dedicated bookkeepers, Bench gives small businesses affordable access to quality financial insights and tax-ready financials. Since launching out of Techstars NYC in 2012, Bench has raised $53 million in funding to date and for the past two years has been among the top 30 fastest growing tech companies in North America, according to Deloitte. Learn more at


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