Husband & Wife Team Up to Create Brute Fit: The Ultimate Power Packed Supplements

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 19, 2020 / For generations, fitness has been a way of life for many. While there are always new trends to look out for in the fitness industry, one objective remains: to help people achieve their fitness aspirations and attain a healthy body and mind. This goal is precisely what was in the minds of husband and wife Taylor and Alisha Martin when they created Brute Fit.

Taylor, a Doctorate of Pharmacy, and Alisha, a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach, have always seemed like a match made in heaven. Both were students of Oregon State University and had met at Dixon Recreation Center in Corvallis, Oregon, in May of 2014. While Taylor received his Doctorate, Alisha graduated with a Bachelor of Science in General Science, minoring in Chemistry. She subsequently pursued a Master of Arts in Teaching with an endorsement in Health and Physical Education.

Both have always had a lifelong passion for fitness and medicine. The couple’s sincere interest in helping others achieve their personal goals is seen in the products they create. Brute Fit was born as a response to the absence of an all-encompassing naturally flavored and sweetened pre-workout product that combines effective ingredients at clinical dosages. As a Certified Personal Trainer, Alisha is always on the lookout for better products and practices involving fitness. She has taken fitness supplements for years, but in 2017, she finally decided to switch to natural products. These, however, did not display the same effect as the ones she had previously subscribed to.

As a solution, Alisha shared that she would mix in additional ingredients into her natural pre-workout, often making her own concoction. She would spend hours endlessly searching for a natural pre-workout with all boxes checked, but unfortunately, she found that this did not exist. One day, while doing her research, Alisha expressed how she wished she could manually add ingredients in some products and take out others. Her husband, Taylor’s response, was simple: “Why not? Why don’t we just create our own? Let’s do it!” And that was how they started Brute Fit.

The brand’s term was coined from the couple’s relentless determination to overcome challenges they have faced throughout their lives. “To be ‘Brute Fit’ means at one point in your life you experienced a detrimental set back, but despite the formidable uphill battle and against the odds, you succeeded,” shares Taylor.

A naturally flavored and sweetened pre-workout, Brute Fit is formulated by none other than Taylor and Alisha-a licensed pharmacist (PharmD) and Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, respectively. Brute Fit Pre-Workout will be the first product they will launch for the brand providing exceptional pump, power, energy, and recovery. “We pride ourselves on being transparent, that’s why everything in our product is on the label,” Taylor ensures. “You won’t find any artificial dyes or artificial sweeteners in our products either. Our ingredients are backed by scientific literature.”

According to Alisha, creating this product brought her a sense of ease and peace of mind. She was overwhelmed the first time she consumed it, she shares. Clinically dosed to optimize one’s workout, the Certified Personal Trainer hopes that Brute Fit gives its consumers the same fulfillment they have experienced.

With a business vision of motivating and inspiring people to prevail on their personal goals, Taylor and Alisha are excited to share their product with the fitness industry. Both are eager to connect with and spark significant change in bodybuilders’ fitness goals, health fanatics, powerlifters, athletes, and gym-goers worldwide. They call on those who wish to remain mindful of their ingredient intake and emphasize that the health of an individual is their utmost long-term goal with Brute Fit.

To know more about the Brute Fit brand, visit their website. Follow their Instagram accounts, Taylor (@dr.brutefit), Alisha (@ladybrutefit), and business account BruteFitOfficial for updates.

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