Jake Stahl Is A Social Media Expert Who Has Had Many Major Successes After Taking On This New Role In His Life

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 20, 2020 / Social media is an important part of everyone’s life. It is something that consumed a large part of everyone’s life. Now, in particular, social media is crucial for getting ahead in the business world because of the pandemic. With little customer interaction, social media is the way that people communicate. This is where Jake Stahl comes in.

“My name is Jake Stahl, brand owner, and what people like to refer to as social media’s “ghost” aka a social media consultant that no one knows about because people like to stay as hidden as they can. Which is fine by me, I don’t get paid to be known, I get paid to do the leg work for them to be known. I’ve built brands since my early 20’s and I stumbled into this life by accident. My first brand I owned was extremely successful for me and once I sold it, I had tons of people asking for my help on Instagram to grow their brand. I met some really cool people connected to the right inner circles that I didn’t even have to do any advertising. I still don’t and unlike the copy and paste method to everyone in their dms, I don’t seek clients, they come to me which is a humbling feeling because I must be doing a good job to be referred by so many! If you need help, advice, or just a friend, send me a DM.” Jake comments.

Jake has been incredibly successful in his business. The need for his talents has skyrocketed recently and he has achieved financial freedom because of it. He built a massive company over just a couple of years. He has been so successful that he has even been able to do some fun side projects on the side.

“Building a company that did a million dollars in sales ( not profit ) in a few years from my small apartment after being let go as a club promoter and struggling to pay rent has been my greatest success.I have designed travel bags for the NBA spurs players such as Danny green. I own a food blog now @goodfoodmentor which is a fun hobby shedding light on local restaurants and showcasing the best food recipes!” Jake comments

For Jake, his biggest success is convincing other people that they can do what they need to create their own businesses. He is inspiring others to take their dreams on and start the companies they have always wanted to start. He is the perfect example of following your passion and being able to achieve massive success.”

“My other biggest success is inspiring others to stop saying they can’t do it because they didn’t have the resources because neither did I. See a lot of people have this assumption that if someone becomes successful that it must be because they had help from family or some other revenue stream but in reality it comes from the right idea with a plan and well timed execution. Money is necessary but I turned $1000 on a credit card I maxed out into $20,000 through Instagram in a few months selling bracelets I made in my apartment!” Jake exclaims.

Jake has gone through a lot of obstacles to achieve what he has. He has done it with the support of the people who love him. He, for the longest time, was doing the normal nine to five job that was leading him down the wrong path and without a lot of money. He made the change that he needed and has done phenomenal things.

“The last accomplishment I am most proud of is going broke after having such a successful few years. It shaped me, molded me into who I should be. See I spent so much time chasing the wrong thing and it left me with empty pockets. I needed the boost to focus on me and what matters most. Like Thomas Edison says, ” I haven’t failed, I just found 10,000 ways to do it wrong ” and that’s so true. When you’re making a bunch of money in your early 20’s and have no mentorship and don’t understand taxes and having a financial planner, it’s easy to lose your way and get caught up spending money to try and stay relevant with what you see on social media. It wasn’t until I really started to delve into the social media consulting that I realized that half the people I thought were millionaires were actually just good at taking pictures with stuff that wasn’t theirs haha!Getting engaged to a woman who pushes me to be a better me, and my proudest moment to date is finding out I’ll be a father this year !! Scary, but motivating! Long story short, if you hit rock bottom and can crawl your way out of it, there’s very few things that can stop you from moving forward with anything else you encounter.” Jake states.

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