Meet Angelo Senat: The Founder Of Royal Jets And ASMC Holdings Was Inspired By His Parents Work Ethic

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 24, 2020 / From immigrating to the US at the age of 9, Angelo Senat has overcome many obstacles to get where he is today as the founder of Royal Jets and ASMC Holdings, a real estate development company.

Upon first moving to the US from Haiti, Angelo lived in a one-bedroom basement apartment in Brooklyn while his parents worked hard to support his family. They imparted a hearty work ethic on Angelo, who began translating business deals, real estate documents, and banking for his parents. Although some may think this would be too much work for a kid, Angelo really enjoyed it. By helping out his parents, he was able to develop skills that would later develop into entrepreneurship.

His early life inspired him to get into the industry he is in today.

“Coming from poverty, it’s my mission to help as many people as I can. My motto in life is ‘If I can do it, you can do it better,'” Angelo explains.

Today, Angelo is motivated by problems and helping his community, much like how he helped his parents.

“I’m a problem solver. My business approach is solving problems for my community. Whether it’s living or travel, I enjoy solving problems and improving everyday lives for everyday people,” Angelo says.

In being able to achieve such success, Angelo understands how important the right mindset is. For him, it’s everything, and so he stays positive and moving forward.

“Fighting doubts, fears, insecurities are daily struggles. I like to put one foot in front of the other. Besides, you are not aiming high enough if your goals don’t scare you,” Angelo outlines.

While Angelo has the right mindset, that doesn’t mean that his goals are without obstacles. Namely, he finds the biggest challenge is building the right team around him.

“Your team can make or break your business. Sometimes it can be challenging to find someone who holds themselves accountable and people that are reliable,” Angelo explains.

Angelo really is focused on people – helping people through his business, and surrounding that business with the best people for it. He keeps his advice for others who wish to start their business in line with this priority.

“My advice to others is to focus on solving problems for others. Many times, people get in business to make quick cash, but the secret is problem-solving; money is just the byproduct. Your team can also help you with structure to ensure that you become successful,” Angelo says.

It’s in his people-first attitude that Angelo is able to put himself ahead of the competition. While other companies are in it for the profit, Angelo is in it for the people he’s helping; the profit follows, but only because he’s been operating with the proper mindset.

“Most of my competitors are in the making money business. I’m in the helping people business. That’s the one single factor that makes me different from them,” Angelo says.

Keeping himself different from competitors has led to great successes, which for Angelo, success means peace of mind, and the freedom to make time for family. He’s able to achieve this despite the difficult learning curve that comes with some of his ventures, namely Royal Jets.

This, Angelo admits, was the biggest obstacle.

“I did not know much about the aviation industry, and I didn’t have any connections. It was a dog fight getting started. But, luckily, I did it with the help of my team, and we are now one of the largest minority-owned aviation companies in the world,” Angelo recalls.

For his next big venture, Angelo is excited to be completing his 10 unit condominium project this year. It took 2 million dollars to build and is set to have its grand opening in January of 2021.

Make sure to follow Angelo on Instagram, and stay up to date with ASMC’s newest updates on their website, and Royal Jets on their website.

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