True Value Global Sponsors ISE To Launch Education Hub In Thailand

THAILAND, BANGKOK / ACCESSWIRE / August 26, 2020 / Founded in 2018, True Value Global (TVG) is a multinational, world’s leading automated trading artificial intelligence (A.I) systems corporation. Specializing in research and development of AI to analyze market trends and data . TVG believes in transparency, and leading by example. Positioned as the top leader in this new decade of the financial & trade industry; by integrating their vast knowledge, experience and cutting-edge technology, they have achieved long-term and sustainable results in the financial markets with the AFTA System.

TVG has further expanded their operations into the Asia market. Penetrating into Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam and China. TVG believes that education is key for the economy to grow and prosper. On 22nd August 2020, TVG launched the opening of their education hub, a 5 story building in Thailand, Bangkok. TVG will lead by example by providing training & education to those who show interest to grow and evolve their mindset & lifestyle.

TVG Chief Operating Officer Peter Smith released a statement “We have come a long way and in my time in TVG, this is without question the most proud I’ve been of our results both in trading results and market expansion. While the financial market is in turmoil due to covid-19, and unfortunate events, we believe our results are evidence of long-term secular demand for automated trading systems. Despite the pandemic, we remain on track to continue to grow our software assets and deliver strong results in 2020. While these remain challenging in unprecedented times, we are at the beginning of one of the most transformative periods in automated trading history. The need for more automated trading softwares to service customers with digital transformative strategies has never been greater and TVG is in a strong position to help our customers remain resilient, effective and efficient.”

TVG is confident that with the expansion of operations, they will be able to form better business relations with related parties and create more opportunities for the economy.

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